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Curio Wellness is leading the pursuit of wellness producing scientifically developed medicinal products derived from cannabis.  Cultivated and processed in our state-of-the-art facility, our premium medical cannabis products, for both Curio Wellness and Dixie Brands are safe, effective, and reliable. 


We are proud Marylanders who are looking to affirm the values of our state and meet the growing need to sustain our local economy. Driven by a team of experienced executives and renowned researchers and physicians, we’re looking to connect people like you with the amazing health benefits of cannabis.


Our premium flower is hygienically cultivated to provide a safe, effective, and reliable product. That’s why we utilize the industry’s most advanced environmental controls and automated irrigation & fertigation systems.  This precise and customizable infrastructure allows us to grow each cultivar in optimized conditions similar to their indigenous environment. Because every cultivar has slightly different nutrient needs, our water system is engineered to deliver purified water along with a unique mix of nutrients ideal for each individual plant. We’re able to recycle virtually all of our water internally, cleaning and purifying it repeatedly, and greatly reducing our environmental impact.


Our best-in-class facility, designed and built using both FDA and GMP guidelines, employs the best practices of highly experienced agronomy and pharmacology professionals.  We process the finest plant material using state-of-the-art CO2 extraction equipment in a dedicated clean room, complemented by an in-house analytical laboratory.  As a premium medicinal cannabis brand, we're devoted to the highest safety and hygienic standards through every step of the process. 


Curio Wellness:  Our brand and products are rooted in science. That's more than a statement, it's a fact. The Curio Wellness leadership team works closely with our renowned team of scientists to formulate premium products that best serve Maryland’s medical cannabis patients.  

Dixie Brands:  Curio Wellness is proud to bring this trusted brand of Colorado’s finest quality cannabis products to Maryland. As the in-state partner of Dixie Brands, we'll be manufacturing and distributing Dixie products to dispensaries across Maryland. Our exclusive partnership with Dixie Brands ensures that patients in our state have access to a breadth of products that offer a real choice in how they're administered and consumed.

Per MD regulations, all of our products are verified by an independent testing lab before being distributed to local dispensaries. 


The Curio Wellness dispensary, home of Curio Wellness and Dixie Brands products, also carries a variety of products from Maryland's top cultivators and processors.  With patient education integral to the brand, the large onsite classroom will host health-related workshops, seminars, and support groups in addition to yoga classes. Complementary to our focus on integrative health, we offer a variety of healthy living products and services to the public, including acupuncture, massage therapy, a holistic pharmacy with professional-grade vitamins and supplements, as well as natural health and beauty products.  Combining these wellness and education services with the medical cannabis dispensary is a concept unique to Curio Wellness, and supports the company’s goal of providing patients with a well-rounded alternative medicine experience.



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Blue Dream

The person below is so right. Curio your Blue Dream is the best herb in MD. I been chasing that taste, smell, smoke, etc since I got my certification and finally found the one. Please dont stop growing this strain or captains cake your peoples deserve mad props for this medicine its so good, buy the Blue Dream you wont be let down

Short Filled Cartridges

While I enjoy your flower and overall product, I do not enjoy being ripped off. The last three cartridges I purchased were only about 2/3 full. I am no longer a customer.

For Legal Dude Who Left One Star

I have mad respect for a company that holds ANY MD Gov Agency accountable for violating it's own regulations. MUCH gratitude for Curio. It is not possible to have beneficial 'change' unless you rid corruption. It is that fn simple. THANKS CURIO for blasting MD w/education. Your level of integrity is admirable, not to mention your product 😎Tonight,my 1st time to Curio Wellness. Went for the cannabis cooking class. CURIO WELLNESS in Timonium, "THE" Curio? I FOUND YOU! I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT! They strive on education at Curio, my favorite part. The cooking Class was loaded with detailed, crucial information for successful extraction AT HOME. The entire staff goes over and above catering to thier patients. They have Spa services. Anyone can go into Curio Wellness. They cater to ALL and have a designated area for certified patients. Its absolutely beautiful. I bought thier Blue Cheese bud I LOVE, Biissful Wizard & MK Ultra carts and CBD & THC Chews, HUGE INVENTORY! Amazing Experience!