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Grassroots Cannabis is a medical cannabis grower and processor with facilities in Illinois, Maryland, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Dakota, and California. The company’s executive management team is composed of a group of highly  skilled business leaders who possess a wide-range of expertise needed to operate a successful safe, secure, and compliant medical cannabis organization. The Grassroots leadership team is dedicated to serve, advance, and respect the movement and to inspire others to do the same.



We take great pride in our premium cannabis products that are infused with passion and crafted with care.



Grassroots believes success is achieved  only when our partners succeed. Grassroots cannabis is dedicated to providing premium and innovative products  and strains that match the needs of  every patient.



At Grassroots we are committed to  promoting positive change and provid-  ing dignified access to safe and quality  medical cannabis nationwide, while  giving back to our communities. Being dedicated to spreading accurate  and factual knowledge about cannabis  is essential to advancing the movement.  We strongly believe in our community  and the entire world around us and take  the necessary steps to inspire others to  join the movement.



We are here to respect the movement. At Grassroots we are devoted to bringing  value to our customers. Our esteemed  relationships are a product of our philosophy, “treat others as you want to be  treated.” We believe in helping and  trusting our partners and inspiring  others to achieve shared objectives. Grassroots’ character and ethics makes  us a trailblazer in bringing innovative  products to the marketplace. We model  the right attitude and put forth the effort  to motivate others to adopt best practices

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Turn off the Bud Tumbler.

Every bud. Every strain I have purchased from this company has been kiefed to death. They claim different. I love the MMCC to tour their faculity. This gonna be the industry standard. Bud with broken off or completely negliable trichromes? Not the only company doing it. You think everybody jumped off a turnip truck? I haven't had a grassroots strain that didn't look like a bud trimmer shaved off half of it, and bud tumbler broke off every trichrome. I don't care if it tests 35% THC. Still tastes like pencil shavings and a far cry from being good. Whether cutting corners or for sheer profit. Its pretty disingenuous to do to sick people.

Birthday Cake Sugar!!

What the hell that shit is awesome. The best low temp flavor profiles I’ve come across in a month or so. Beautiful product!

Top notch flower

I don't get the negative reviews on their flower. I personally love their Bubba Diagnol and others such as Blueberry Headband, Valley Girl, Birthday Cake, etc. I just wish they made concentrates and maybe offer discounts on their half Oz's once in awhile.