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3.8 stars


great product great company 2 great dispensarys in md

Stepping up the game

They have been producing better and better product as of late!

5 stars

I have to give this grower a 5 star great strains come from this grower thanks for helping us get a life back.


Love everything about it

Best deals great service

I'm a pay check to pay check kind of guy and this place always has something for me. Little bonuses are awesome. Really love this place!

No retailers

Not available

Great product and service!

This is one of the few dispensaries that I do traffic. Always great service and deals to boot. would definitely recommend.

holy grail kush

i love the high of this the strain holy grail kush, the crazy flavor its somethin i haven't smelled nor tasted before, it was amazing, the only thing id say is that it could definitely be cured more! i been curing it more since i bought some nd its gotten even better!

A 420 Nurse favorite

I love this shop. They have the best prices and quality in vape carts. The flower is really pretty and smelly. Chelsea is very nice and helpful. She explained to me how the vapes are made with fruit instead of other non natural mixers. Good for the vegans!!! They also have deals every week and you can get referral money for free product if you bring a friend or 20. Come see Chelsea and tell her Asiankitty420 sent you!!!

this place is BS

they don't Honor their own referals sh** and I promised they wouldn't get another dime of mine I've sent them multiple emails and they never responded so Tbt forget harvest

The GOAT of dispensaries!

Super chill staff, killer deals, fire nugs! They have it all, and unlike they're neighbors that boast a huge store. They actually care about individual needs and listen to their customers. Thx buds!.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                💭⛽📱📲🔌🔝🔥🌲🔮💭░░░░Honest , Local, Safe & legit░‍░░░░░░ kushsfl📧gmail▫️com░░░░░░▒▓▒webehigh org/miami-fl-florida/ ░░▒▓▒   leafedin org/cannabis-vendor/KushManSFL ░░▒▓▒ 💭⛽📱📲🔌🔝🔥🌲🔮💭                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

potent strains

now I'm only critiquing the strands that I have tried. Some users say percentage is not everything to that I say, you may not smoke to get high. I have found one of my favorite my potent strands...the Hope's Cookies from Cru Cannabis. Coming in at an amazing 31% this never disappoints. Very pungent and a personal favorite to take to the head when I'm alone. My second strand is one of Harvest x Cookies collab, Cake Mix. A strand with a with a very robust fruity aroma and a clean delicious smoke. Coming in at around 25% it is a lovely hybrid that is sure to be a true ice breaker in many of situations. The reason for the only 4 stars would come from the service I received at one of the locations who were out of stock on the Hope's Cookies. His recommendation of a strand that I personally know did not compete with Hope's Cookies left me frustrated. But knowing what I wanted I went to another location which had it in stock. If only I could've been some how compensated for my loyalty

Great Products @ RealPrices

Girl Scout was 🔥 Gorilla Glue x Gelato 🔥 Prices are constantly the Best Around! Thanks Harvest

High prices for low-grade flower

Not happy. Even though I heard bad reviews from people, I decided to go to Harvest for my first time. The prices were 2x what I find in other dispensaries, and all three varietiesI bought 1) were all popcorn buds, 2) had little “nose” or potency to them, and 3) one smelled of a noticeable hint of mildew. Asking the budtenders if their flower has myclobutanil (the neurotoxic fungicide Eagle 20) and I got a long winded answer that was “maybe”...now I wish I went sonewhere else instead : (

won't honor deals, QC issues

As far as product quality goes, I think of Harvest as mid-range. things are really hit or miss. I am extremely disappointed that my local store has refused to honor the deal texts sent from corporate.

Bait and Switch?

Don't buy Pre-Rolls there. I don't know how they roll them, but they simply don't work. I purchased a three pack and when none worked so I went back and they offered replacements, but those didn't work either. What I found most interesting was their acknowledgement that the pre-rolls need additional work. They're rolled so tight that you must stick a pin in the joint so it will "breathe." Also, that that person behind the counter suggested I purchased some Dutchies, which were some sort of premuium pre-roll that "always work" and cost nearly $40. Bait and switch? Another example of a business that starts out being very customer oriented and then goes downhill when the money starts coming in. Very very disappointed, but not surprised. This is the American way, it's a country where corporations matter, and individuals don't.

Im not happy

I came here and bought (as it seemed to me) what I wanted. But the quality, of course, failed. And all the goods were literally scattered throughout the package

Gorilla glue gelato

I am going to say that this is a strain that you don't have to look at the percentage of the T.H.C. in it and it has a good amount of Terps in it and let me tell you it is going to be euphoric, decreased pain, anxiety, depression, and e earthly taste that is smooth and easy but it is definitely a evening med for me, because of the smile on my face and it is a strain that I will get again and only one so far !

1 out of 5

I will say right away and straight. This is not what I expected. The quality does not match the price. And I had to wait for the seller for almost 15 minutes. I advise you to go to another store

love this place always and forever!!

great daily specials by day and good quality products!! Staff is always informative and on point for certain things!!