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3.8 stars

FIRE MEDS!!!!...,👍

great service,great price and deals and yes of course FIRE MEDS!!!!...

Good deal

Chemdawg was dank

the july bundle

got thee best deal during happy our great service was a long line but was totally worth the wait


This company grows great cannabis. Unfortunately, to me as a patient, that's not the only thing I look for in a cannabis provider. Harvest decided it was a good idea to donate $15,000 to a politician who was the chair of the committee responsible for a 10% THC cap. Unacceptable. Also I take into consideration a companies stance on home grow when reviewing a vendor. Too many big cannabis corps aren't supporting Home Grow which helps financially struggling patients. Don't turn into big pharma.


the one off priest in guad very ghetto not good flower ever unless shopping at 50 8th tier an even then super dry an oh the value seedy tier don't go there. only thing i ever seen good here is there glass an supposed to be a med shop. An staff tries to match your attitude ot vibe which is a disaster at times as i am a camilion some days thug looking but never acting an they tried so hard one time i thought i was a star in a rap video. An been here few times more then should of not just one bad experience.

Every time waste of time!

They never have anything that’s advertised on sale in stock. If you’re looking to buy the most expensive product they got that for you and that’s about it! The bud tenders are always never happy to see you. Also be willing to wait a while. Least favorite place to visit. I learned my lesson this time.


Hey MarkDHead, it's not that the bud tenders refuse tips, it's that they were told by corporate that they aren't allowed to accept them because then corporate would have to deal with tax paperwork. So instead they force the employees to encourage you to donate to their non-profit if you've had a good experience. I'm not a competitor- I'm a travel agent, for fucks sake. Get your head out of your ass, this place is greedy af.


Great bud tenders and lots of deals! Thank you harvest!

Limited Stock

It seems it’s nearly impossible to find any real selection to speak of in this town (as yet). Every time I’ve gone shopping, there’s barely ONE choice of Sativa, if that. Glad to see Harvest at least has THAT at this location (hybrid)the others only have sleep weed.



Harvest all day baby!!!

That is all.

the 1 in Glendale is terrible, others may be good

the people who are employed at Harvest of Glendale simply stand or sit all day with maybe a couple people an hour but the fact that when I called to make sure they had something only to find out literally 5 mins later (as I live a mile and a half away) that it wasn't in stock and it was a ghost town when I pulled up and what did the manager say "sorry, I understand your frustration but it's while supplies last" and it was for a $10 40% dream steam 500mg oil cart and he could've just of given me the strain I wanted by giving me the pure tier which one which is $10 more but no that's not a solution using their math, which is why the Glendale location is barren pretty much all day. And what did my friend tell me after I told her about it, just metro meds has 90% Venom Concentrate 500mg oil carts on sale for $12 atleast once a week so I'd go there and say I referred you please. Keep the good vibes rolling

Deserves 0 stars

Literally the worst dispensary, corporate greed has taken over, don’t buy any trash from this Walmart of dispensary

Awesome sauce

5 stars

Flowers by Harvest as far as 6/03/18 !

I have really only liked the one strain by them and that is the Gorilla glue Gelato and that was , until I had Super Glu by Verano and as far as the rest of their flowers they are moist and average. I still feel the best growers are Verano and whoever is in charge of being the lead growers he sure knows how to grow and come up with a few great strains in the last year they really have stepped up their new strains and I have to say that they are too notch and I will give Harvest that they need to get ahold of a great leader for the growers!

Dont believe the haters

Pretty sure most of the haters trashing them and other growers are fake profiles. Ironic isn’t it? It’s always the same crappy lines about greed and bad weed. They always post 3 or 4 crappy reviews. Just enough to bring the rating down a bit. Whoever you are, you’re the real greedy loser. You can raise yourself up or you can tear others down. There’s a special place for losers like you. That being said Harvest is great. One of my go to spots. Reliable, fair prices and good deals. My only complaint is that the bud tenders refuse to accept tips. Keep up the good work.

Corporate Greed

I shop the AZ locations and I've come to know some of the staff pretty well. Some of the stories you hear about how corporate treats the sales employees is really off-putting. Doesn't seem like a place that would be good for someone with any type of chronic illness to work or shop, which is funny because their whole brand is about health & wellness. Constant changing specials, high rotation of staff, wouldn't surprise me if they pay their budtenders minimum wage while the CEOs are raking in the cash. Really discouraging.


they are all nice nd I enjoy coming nd I'll be back

Kief products aren’t what they say they are

I just bought a gram of harvest GSC #1 kief and I came home and threw it on the scale just outa curiosity and it came out too a perfect 0.9 now I’m not mathematician but that’s not a FULL 1.0 RIDICULOUS HOW THESE COMPANIES ARE GETTING AWAY WITH STEALING FROM THE COMMUNITY!!

Nothing good to say

They aren't using temperature controls. They arent growing to maturity because one size fits all strains. Warehouse weed. Its a shame they even got a license. Could of been given to somebody who cares about medical patients needs. The comapanies in Maryland are all producing terrible flower. I don't trust the testing. I dont believe they're flushing their nutrients right. Why its dry and harsh, and why spent flower= black ashes/residue. Not to mention. Everybody is kiefing their weed to shit in bud tublers. Its overtrimmed because its burned up under the lights. Not just Harvest. But they sure don't give a hoot about their reputation. Western Maryland deserves better than Harvest can provide. This is recreational cannabis. It is not medical grade. Teenybopper larf. Schools out. I pay too much for licensing for this garbage. I feel sorry for beginners Thinking this is medical quality. Go to Oregon. Go Colorado. It wouldn't make it to the Medical side. They pay less for actual quality.