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4 stars


Their Corleone Kush is my favorite indica of all times. Amazing variety and great price point ! Verano never disappoints!

Became a brand I will never buy again

I question whether Verano products have any cannabinoids or terpenes in them at all. I've spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on their products trying to find something that works and nothing provides even the slightest bit of relief for my symptoms. And I don't even feel any sort of mind or body euphoria to boot. It appears this brand tries to pass itself off as a designer, boutique brand but I recommend you give your money to a much better product.

deserves a zero star rating

I dont see how this company is even still alive, how are you surviving charging $60 an 8th when I can get better quality bud for half that price. I've purchased a few of your "private stock" strains in the past, it was a mistake, every bud I've ever got from verano was dry and turned to dust when I broke it up. harvest is growing better bud than you and charging half your price, also what's up with not letting the dispensaries run discounts on your product? you really think your better than everyone else? even if you drop your prices I still wont buy your product.


My gram of gelato shatter was only .86. Step it up this is why I never chose verano. No deals and underweight that’s bad business and I’ll do no more with you

Lower your prices

I loved your brand once, (that’s when I had 20% off my purchase)if it wasn’t 60.00 an eighth, you all would be killin it.Sorry but till your prices come down, there is other fire products that still leave a lil jingle left in my pocket.

expensive but good


Verano is over priced trash

Verano is probably the worst cannabis company out there. They gave the absolute highest prices for trash herb. They even make dispensaries sign a contract that they will not discount or sell their herb for less than a super high amount. They are trying o make as much money and keep prices up in the industry. They do shady things. I know people that work and worked there that have said some messed up things. Yet I can’t say and get them in trouble. But ask any dispensary about the contracts. And the pitch they give them of keeping prices high as can to make more money. As well as trying to make verano seem better and more top shelf than others when not. Horrible company. Terrible ethics. And bud is not all that. They have pretty packaging to do more smoke and mirrors. Most of the herb has hermied and has make parts thruout the bud if you know about that. It’s all Over their herb. Horrible horrible company and herb!!!! I would give negative stars if I could.

The worst ever

I have never had a good batch with verano there stuff is always old dry no flavor and never had an aroma they sell 8ths with no humidity packs in it that can be one of the reasons I had 1 decent experience with the G6 jet fuel but the mag landrace mag 91 corleone purple punch gelato were all bad! This stuff is to expensive to have anything go wrong this is not top shelf stuff this is garbage HMS AND GLEAF are the top shelf in Maryland not verano

various options, interesting combinations

I've had hits and misses with this brand. Their Jack Herer#8 is great, though expensive. Their shatter wasn't awful, though I also am not a fan of the new parchment paper packaging. I've noticed that I seem to choke on their concentrates more than other brands and almost leaves an oily throat feel. Distillate carts, I'm not as thrilled with. their Jack Lemon terpine profile has an odd pepper taste that makes it less desirable for multiple rips back to back. Their new cart, Rose Gold is awful. huge amount of Geraniol, it tastes like a bitter Rose petals, again, weird terpines and odd tastes.

6/11/18 and I have to say that it's simply amazing

I have been going to Zenleaf now for about 19 months and all I can say is that I have yet to find a dispensary that comes close to Zenleaf, M.D. for knowledge, answering any question you have, and will take their time with you even if they are busy. They are truly professional and I have yet to be steered wrong yet but I can say that I have medicated with the Best Buds around many times and the carts, and shatter are good also but just starting off with them but the flowers by Verano are top notch and I think and everything else in my mind is 2nd , so keep up producing great medical cannabis supplies and I will keep spreading the word about how medical cannabis works on many health ailments.😀😋

whole g of shatter wasted thanks verano

Apparently they changed how they wrapped there shatter the new wax paper they use is complete garbage and I got a whole g of Thai lights shatter that's is like a booger wipped in a tissue. scrape it off you say, good idea but the wax plaper falls apart like a tissue. So fml, step your game up, maybe this is how harvest does things now they own it.

Verano is the best company by far

I have tried just about every indica sativa as well as every kind of concentrate you can think of basically I'm a connoisseur and a veteran smoker so if you're looking or strains that are not only so beautiful you may not want to even touch them to break them up and smoke it but they also have some of the best flavors and amazing terpene ratings in their concentrates. to give just a few examples of the strains of flower that I enjoy the most that Verano provides are: Corleone Kush (indica) Mag Landrace (indica) Purple Punch (indica) Grand Doggy Purps(indica) Thai lights New Strain Concentrate Corleone Kush Gelato Thai Lights Mag Landrace

Sunny D , Strawberry banana, Gelato, and by Verano

I have to say that I love all 3 and the Sunny Day is great for morning time medicating and you are able to stay focused with a uplift. You will keep a smile and after about 3 hours you are wanting something to snack on and very smooth for your lungs not hardly any pinene a that makes cough a bit. The Strawberry banana is a great Hybrid that you can taste the citrus like taste along with the earthly aroma and I highly recommend this for when you are home and don't have to be focused on something important very heady but really good! Then we have Gelato M.D. strain of the year and one of my favorites also and it has a great balance of terps along with a high percentage of T.H.C. in the strain and Verano grows the best Gelato and Strawberry banana in M.D. as far as I am concerned and if more growers would curred their medical cannabis right. You will see that it is not suppose to be wet or moist at all. Go ahead and get that with rec! They curred their flower right way, dry!

Maryland Buds are super dry

Love your g6 even though it was dry it smelled like gas and I❤ the high, but was pretty disappointed to find the purple punch, mag land race and gelato also super super dry with really no smell, love the glass jars and packaging but their are several cultivars growing superior nugs in Maryland G6 will stay in rotation but I cannot see myself paying extra to try any other strains from this company, Evermore, and HMS are cheaper and fresher, and tastier and more blaze


this brand is good liked flavor but was very dry needs humidity pack in packages. but still pleased with buy


Bought 5 grams of Thi lights, its almost all brittle dry powder. This is rediculous for the price!

another chance another fail 850 MILLION MY ASS

found a shop selling 14gs of verano for 125 so i decided to go for it. corleone, thai lights, superglu, and purple punch. all dry as a crisp and the purp punch is the only one with a little flavor. thai lights is okay. your company deff isnt worth 850 million dollars

Thai lights mini prerolls Swift lifts by Verano!

A very good uplifting and it keeps you focused through the morning and the decreased pain you will feel is awesome and you will have a smile on your face that is very hard to get off , because of the way you are feeling better. Then by the time noon time gets close you will be ready for something to eat. A very smooth hitting Sativa that is going to be one of my top 3 to get for now on and another 5 * by Verano. That's why I love Verano medical cannabis supplies for the quality of the products they grow or make . Keep putting out quality medical cannabis

Over priced for what?

I have tried Grand Doggy purp, Mag 91, Purple Punch, Corleone Kush & Thai lights and I’m very disappointed! Your flower has no taste at all! Zero. Maybe your growers should make compost teas or use different nutrients? Or learn to flush the plants! Verano is the highest priced flower in the state & I can’t figure out why? Because it’s hand trimmed? Because it has fancy labels? How about some fancy Terps?

Purple Punch Knockout

I don't know how you guys do it, but your Purple Punch ALWAYS looks incredible. Like some kind of alien species dropped from the Gods. Incredible potency and taste. Culta has do-si-dos, you guys have Purple Punch. Well done.