Jack Herer #8

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OVERVIEW: Verano's cannaseurs alighted upon an exquisite cut of Jack Herer #8 and grew it into the arrestingly delicious nugs pictured here. Verano's Jack Herer #8 boasts potent Sativa genetics that engages and elevates users, encouraging them to pursue creative adventures or social engagements. Two bowls of Jack Herer #8, however, may have users trekking to their refrigerators, ravenous with the munchies. For discerning palates in search of the be-all, end-all of head-high Sativas, Verano Jack Herer #8 is the golden ticket. LABORATORY RESULTS: THC: 0.3%  THCa: 19.5%  CBGa: 1.2%  a-Pinene: 0.01%  b-Pinene: 0.01%  b-Myrcene: 0.35%  Limonene: 0.06% 
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