Chemdawg 91


Chemdawg 91 stands as one of Verano's most delightful Hybrids. Its sociable and energizing euphoria make it a must-experience for those seeking the perfect daytime toke. Chemdawg 91 dances across palates like a troupe of lemons and limes before pirouetting through a grove of pine trees to the tune of creativity-boosting euphoria. Verano's Chemdawg 91 cultivar is an experience cannabis connoisseurs would be remiss to skip out on.

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5 stars

flora Vega doing it right.

strain is fire for you heavy smokers it's a break from all the citrus and berry flavors . It's my new go to strain if you can find gmo aka garlic mushrooms onions a cross of this strain chemdawg91 and girl scout cookies pick it up. if in Vegas they got a pre roll and nuwu dispensary in Vegas pick it up. You won't be disappointed. but chemdawg91 alone stands strong but you don't get much body high. but super good smell and smoke.

A new star is born for the Verano line

Bought two 1/8's. I personally really liked it. The cure was superb. Very smooth. No seeds. The taste I would give a 4. Just because I did get the chemdawg fuel taste. The effect was great. Helps for appetite and pain. All and all I'll give it a 5. Just because you're the only company in the state that has consistently come out with superior products. Would love to see a price drop. But hey. If it pays your staff well. At least somebody can thrive in this economy. I can't really afford it. Bit my soul can't afford long term opioid use for protracted pain from the plethora of medical conditions I have either. And they'll write a script for those anyday and I'd pay alot less. Just left the cancer infusion center. You can smell the death. These people are on a dozen different pain meds. Medications a doctor can barely pronounce. But are afraid what their significant others, their kids, their neighbors think, if they used medical cannabis. I say the buds look just like Jerry's beard.
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