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5 stars

Indeed the best!!!

My cert expired a week ago and I just started a new job so I was trying to find time to renew. He was out of the office but said he would do it over the phone. So knowledgeable too. Definitely would say go to him!!! Made my holiday and birthday weekend!

Stan is the Man

this place is great Dr.Manstof is highly knowledgeable in anything about cannabis way better experience than green docs makes you feel like an actual patient and he cares. Will never go anywhere else highly recommend do not go to green docs go here.

Highly recommend

Dr. Manstof is very knowledgeable and genuine! He actually cares about Bosnia patients and is local Definitely recommend him.

Great experience!

Right from the very first contact point until when I left at the end of my appointment I had a positive, great experience! Dr Manstof will communicate with you by a very detailed text prior to your appointment telling you everything you need to know. The attention to detail continued at my appointment and was much appreciated! I learned a lot from him in the hour+ we spent talking. I left with lots of literature to read and encouragement from Dr Manstof to contact him if I ever have any questions. I believe he will willingly and quickly get back to me if I reach out! Highly recommended👍🏼

Awesome Doctor! I would recommend him to anyone!

Dr. Manstof is very knowledgeable, comforting, passionate and informative about any aspect of cannabis! As a Cannabis enthusiast myself it was great to be in the presence of a likeminded individual! Dr. Manstof is the GO-TO-DOCTOR!

Could Not Be Happier!!!

This guy is seriously so informative. We had an excellent hour long conversation and he could take you from a beginner to expert in that amount of time. Dr Stan Manstrof is extremely helpful and pleasant, and his office is very relaxing. Thanks again Doc!


Beats doctor

Best I’d advise

Best there is will educate you on anything you’re unsure of has the best knowledge and has a great personality very respectful and easy to listen to great experience with him and his receptionist excellent..on time and all I def recommended Dr. Manstof

The Best of the “Best”

Dr. Manstof is such a wonderful Guy. He was Extremely helpful with his explanations of the benefits, and many different applications of Pot. He answered all my questions enthusiastically. I discovered many new uses of THC and the benefits of CBDs, of which I now use daily. The Doctors Office is located conveniently to Frederick and Montgomery Counties, alongside of MD-355. If you’d rather visit a quiet, friendly, country-style Office, instead of being crushed in traffic, while trying to find a parking spot in a high-density Doctors Office, you have found the Mother-lode of Peace and Tranquility. Give yourself a break, visit Dr. Stan, you will not regret it.

Professional and knowledgeable!

I am extremely grateful I came across Dr. Manstof. He was very responsive to all of my inquiries in a very timely fashion. He took the time to provide educational materials that will help me navigate through finding the right strains to assist with my medical conditions. After picking up some strains higher in CBD I ALREADY can feel a difference. I highly recommend Dr. Manstof!

best doctor

best doctor in Montgomery county very knowledgeable and informative

Great experience with someone who knows his $h!%

Doctor took his time, was super knowledgable and sincer;y wants to help you! I highly recommend MD Cannabis doc.

Very knowledgeable and professional

Dr. Manstof was very easy to talk to, knowledgeable and professional. His office is clean, comfortable and convenient. He will teach you a ton about cannabis and send you home with a plethora of information. Highly recommended.

Excellent professional service!

Dr. Stanley R Manstof D.D.S. provides a highly professional service. Prompt, courteous and highly knowledgeable.

Very knowledgeable!

Dr. Stan is not only very knowledgeable .. but I took home a ton new info and educational material. He takes his time going through everything.. well worth your time!

what a unique experience

Dr manstoff answered his own phone, made me an appointment with virtually no wait time the day I called, and accepted me into his office warmly and genuinely looking to help. I havent ever not lied to a dr before, but he truly is working in your favor, and there's no reason to fib or hide facts. He is well prepared with his research and experience and will guide you as deeply or as surfacebased as you need.

The best doctor ever

Doctor Stan was very friendly had a wide range of knowledge. I for one trust his recommendations. His office was clean and the secretary was very up beat and organized. They clearly take there work seriously and I trust that thoroughly. Thank you DOC!! Phillip

Extremely knowledgeable and kind atmosphere

Dr Manstoff and his staff are wonderful people, very knowledgeable and very welcoming. Dr Manstoff knows more about cannabis than I ever thought was possible to know. The amount of knowledge he packs into a visit is quite impressive. I felt very informed and prepared after seeing him, I highly suggest everybody go see him if they’re looking for cannabis treatment, you will be blown away! Thank you Doctor!

THE doctor to see. No substitute.

This doctor knows what he's talking about and is an encyclopedia of information. I wish I could have spent more time talking to Dr. Manstof, and that's after nearly an hour of one-on-one time. If you're new to medicinal cannabis, you may be overwhelmed by the breadth of information he presents to you. But worry not, he will accept text messages, phone calls, and e-mails 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns you might have. I am glad I was able to visit him and wouldn't recommend that anyone go to another doctor if they are interested in being certified for medicinal cannabis.

Great doctor!

I was looking for a new doctor because it was time for my recertification and I had moved recently. Dr. Manstof is very knowledgeable, he actually explains everything to you, unlike the last doctor I had who just looked at my records then handed me a piece of paper & that was it. He was also my dentist when I was little! You can text him any questions & he responds quickly. I’d definitely recommend him to anyone.