• Kb88
    Smells like Sandalwood. Like something you would smell in one of those old lady antique stores
  • EarthtoCharlieB
    Everything. So much money burned to find the strains that help me. Ask me if you would like feedback, just ask. I continue to trt new strains, Very expensive medicine, sales help, and the dispensary discount. What have you tried in Illinois? So many doses. Found about 5-7 good strains to help with pain and PTSD. The winners are......


    LammyPusherIf you can find Spec Ops there...it is GREAT for PTSD....also Guava Dog #4 is amazing for pain. If you can find those, don’t hesitate on it!!! You are doing exactly what I did when I got off all my meds!
    EarthtoCharlieBZero pills, and I was on the Fentanyl, Opiods, PTSD drugs, and tons of others. Might need to return, cost are too high and not cutting it. Feel 50% better.
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  • Casperhigh
    Anyone on here sell and deliver carts In Peoria Az?
  • thepainter5150
  • andre1947