Banana OG

Reported Genotype

Strain Description

Banana OG is a strain with various sources of origin. Below are several anecdotes about the strain's inception. Origin #1 Banana OG is cross between an OG Kush male with a Banana Kush female bred by California seed bank Apothecary Genetics. Apothecary Genetics reports that Banana OG is an Indica- dominant cross with a 49-56 day flowering cycle. The strain is reportedly easy to grow, both in- and outdoors. Regular Banana OG seeds are available from Apothecary Genetics. Origin #2 Banana OG is a Hybrid cultivated by West Coast breeder OrgnKid. Some online sources claim that Banana OG is a cross between an OG Kush phenotype, which he named Ghost, and a Banana strain that was a cross between Skunk #1 and a Haze. Others claim OrgnKid crossed OG Kush with an unknown Sagarmatha strain. OrgnKid’s Banana OG is reported to grow frosty nugs that give off a strong banana scent.


Apothecary Genetics, Phylos Bioscience, OrgnKid