Blackberry Kush

Reported Genotype

Strain Description

Blackberry Kush is a clone-only variety that was bred by OrgnKid, an active member of online cultivation forums. There are two common versions of the story and only one has been verified by OrgnKid. The verified version, available from Northern California’s Dark Heart Nursery, is a cross between an Afghani and DJ Short’s Blueberry strains. A quintessential old-school strain, Blackberry Kush tends to be a versatile plant and is willing to adapt to different growing media, indoor and outdoor environments, and varied techniques. In most settings, Blackberry Kush is expressed as a short and stocky plant with broad, dark green sun leaves. The unverified version is said to be a cross between a Blackberry x White Rhino crossed with Bubba Kush. According to online sources, OrgnKid was one of the early breeders to propagate and share the Kush gene pool with the cultivation community. This early version of Blackberry Kush produces swollen buds with ripe trichomes that smell of lavender, vanilla, and sage.


OrgnKid, Dark Heart Nursery

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