Reported Genotype

Strain Description

Also referred to as Blue Dream Purple, Blurple is an F1 hybrid cross between two California classics: Blue Dream and Mendocino Purps. Unverified online sources report Blurple was created in the mid-’90s by an unknown breeder, and that it’s an evenly balanced strain well-suited for both indoor and outdoor setups. This West Coast hybrid produces lanky plants when left untrained, typically topping out at 5-7 feet at full maturation. Gardeners who take pleasure in color variations will enjoy the plant’s purple hues. Like many Indica-infused hybrids, Blurple is a medium-sized plant with copious side branches. Its stems morph from green to purple as the plant progresses through the vegetative stage and enters its flowering period. Indoors, growers can anticipate the flowering cycle to take approximately 63 days. Outdoor cultivators should expect the strain to fully mature in late September or early October in the Northern Hemisphere, and in late March to early April in the Southern Hemisphere.