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Bogglegum is a hybrid from California seed bank BOG Seeds, bred from its own BOG Bubble female and a Northern Lights #5 male from Canadian seed bank BC Seeds, BOG co-founder Pat, aka “Mrs. BOG,” told Weedmaps. Winner of 1st place for Indica flower at the San Francisco High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in 2011, BOG reports Bogglegum has the strong bubblegum flavor of its BOG Bubble mother, coupled with hints of menthol from its Northern Lights #5 father. BOG recommends Bogglegum to both novice and outdoor growers who want to avoid mold or cold-weather damage, as the strain is resistant to both. BOG also reports a 48-56 day flowering time. With an outdoor harvest date of approximately Oct. 7 in the Northern Hemisphere, and early March in the Southern Hemisphere, Bogglegum presents high yields of branches with many small colas, a roughly 70/30 Indica/Sativa plant lineage and estimated average THC levels of 21-25%. Regular Bogglegum seeds are available from BOG Seeds.


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