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Canna-Tsu is a CBD-rich strain that was propagated by crossing a Cannatonic clone with the pollen from a male Sour Tsunami. First bred in Northern California by Southern Humboldt Seed Collective (aka SoHum Seeds), Canna-Tsu is an easy to cultivate hybrid cross that produces Indica leaning growth characteristics. The offspring of two respected strains, Canna-Tsu expresses Indica-like growth patterns during the vegetative cycle. Producing a squat and sturdy plant structure, Canna-Tsu generates a medium-yielding plant of flowers rich in CBD and adjusts easily to different cultivation environments. Canna-Tsu starts low and wide during the vegetative cycle and develops abundant foliage with multiple branches as it enters the flowering cycle. Cultivated outdoors, the flowers tend to reach full maturation by late October in the Northern Hemisphere, late April in the Southern Hemisphere. Indoors, growers will typically see their plants finish flowering roughly 70 days after entering the flowering cycle. Canna-Tsu has a characteristically high CBD:THC ratio of roughly 1:1 and produces a relatively balanced effect. The strain, tested by Analytical 360 in 2013, tested at 10.93% for total CBD content and less than 9% THC. Canna-Tsu has a citrusy aroma and is typically high in the linalool terpene. Both Canna-Tsu and Harle-Tsu are high-CBD strains that share Sour Tsunami’s genetics. Canna-Tsu non-femenized seeds are available online through SoHum.


Southern Humboldt Seed Collective

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